Iowa Jurisdiction Church of God In Christ Executive Board

Bishop Leroy F. Johnson - Jurisdictional Prelate

Supt. M. D. Eppright - Administrative Assistant, E. A. Tindrell District

Secretary M. Anthony Bell - Jurisdictional Secretary

Supt. Hurley Bassett, Jr. - M. W. Goodman District

Supt. Wendell Beets - W. D. Smith District

Supt. Stephen Carter - E. G. Carter District

Supt. Gilbert Clay, Sr. - C. H. Mason District

Supt. Cannon Peppers - H. Bassett, Sr. District

Supt. Jerald J. Woods, Sr. - L. H. Ford District

Pastor Ed H. Ollie, Sr. - Chairman of the Pastors and Elders Council

Pastor Roland Warren - Jurisdictional Treasurer

Pastor Cornelius Boone - Jurisdictional Chief Financial Officer

Pastor John K. Hall, Sr. - Dean of Jurisdictional Leadership Conference